he DEA begin tracking Jimmy's marijuana shipment and follow the distribution channel into the U.S. Their surveillance is so far successful, however the DEA doesn't have another large stash of weed for the next delivery and try to push cocaine instead. Winston is hesitant since Jimmy is not in the coke trade and may smell a rat, but Winston manages to at least ask the question to Jimmy without suspicion. Jimmy refuses the cocaine, which leads to Altman wanting to move on Jimmy's people in the States immediately just in case the delay causes an issue. Tina overhears Jimmy's plan for storing his money offshore, but the lack of detail she can provide is irking Mary. Later, Tina manages to steal Hogarty's briefcase, but needs Mary's help in getting it unlocked. Mary asks Flannegan to dig deeper and Bingham to provide information into the workings of Falcone and see if his association with the DEA is official or unofficial. Bingham had no idea the DEA was involved. Mary has to remind him that he is working for her, and no longer for his own business. Mary needs Jimmy's help in the guns shipment. With this deal, Flannegan wants and gets Mary's assurance that he will get first shot at Falcone once the deal is completed. Jimmy gets a tip on some upcoming government ferry contracts and possible inside connections to bid successfully. In addition to Deakins' assistance, Mary recruits Katarina to help her go after Royden. Katarina is successful in her initial Royden related task. Mary also confirms support from Senator Dugay's office against Royden. Martin confronts a Canadian seed patent research scientist and tries to convince him to work for the OCU in a win-win situation. Jimmy and Dante meet. Jimmy offers Dante a deal on the possible money laundering through his soon to be acquired offshore bank, in return for sharing territory on the ATMs in Vancouver. Jimmy also offers Winston's cocaine to Dante. Mike and his business partner, Red, negotiate to buy a competing nightclub.

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