ecause of the large amount of money required and the fact that he really wants it to happen, Jimmy uses his shipping company as collateral for purchase of an offshore bank, the First National Bank of Ireland Bahamas Branch. To throw Mary off the track, Jimmy later agrees to work for her in handling Bingham's shipping deal in return for her assistance in his ATM problems. The DEA sweeps in on Alex Morgan, Jimmy's distributor in the US. The DEA forces Alex to work clandestinely against Jimmy, specifically to get him into the US. Senator Dugay's office confirms Mary's fears regarding Royden, but the Senator, working solely through her aide Roxanne Jameson, orders the investigation against Royden go underground. Ultimately, the senator and Roxanne want to turn Royden rather than expose him, a direction Mary does not support. With the sting against Royden, Mary recruits an inner circle of Kiniski, Katarina and Deakins, the latter totally under duress. Mary sets Katarina up with a fake personal history and business front, under which Royden later tells Katarina that he is planning on moving to Vancouver to head the Asia-Pacific operation of his company, namely CSIS. This information is confirmed by Deakins. All the while, Altman continues his search for information on Mary's dealings, and does find out about her connection to the senator, Mary's work against Royden, and Royden's plans to move to Vancouver. However Altman shows a personal side of himself that he probably would not like the OCU and CSIS to know about. Based on Ronnie's concerns, Jimmy tests Francine's loyalty to the family, a test she passes with flying colors. Jimmy also continues his mistrust of Winston. However Winston quickly notices the tail Jimmy has placed on him. Mike and Red's deal to buy the club falls apart when they discover Ray was deep in debt and tries to run off with their money. Despite the best efforts of Ray's mother Joanne, Mike and Red manage to get their money back from Ray. Sweet continues to negotiate with Ronnie and Jimmy on the stash house arrangement. Despite warnings, Phan decides to stick around Vancouver instead of the original plan of laying low in Maui. This situation gets worse when Dante kidnaps East Side Johnny, threatening Jimmy of Johnny's torture in order to find out what happened with his nephew's hit.

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