ante does kill Johnny, but Ronnie and Jimmy aren't sure whether he talked before his death. Phan, Johnny's cousin, wants to retaliate, this against Jimmy's wishes, but Phan manages to enlist the help of Tremblay in his scheming. Jimmy and company are cautious about what Dante might do, and as such, Francine and Stella move back in with Jimmy. Ronnie also enlists Sweet to act as a buffer between Jimmy's gang and the Disciples since Sweet is old friends with Dante's sister, Rayann. Morgan convinces Jimmy to go to the States under the pretense of renegotiating their contract, he planning to do the trip with his reunited family. Meanwhile Ted finds out from his source, Morley, that Royden's plan does not include a promotion for him. As Royden doesn't know that Ted knows, Royden asks Ted for help against Mary. Since Mary finds out Royden's grand plans, she shreds her informant files. With help from Katarina, Mary gains access to Royden's communications records through his cell phone. However, Katarina is not totally safe as Royden rifles through her purse without her knowledge. Mary's battles with the senator and Roxanne about how to handle the Royden situation escalates to threats from both sides. Ultimately, Royden, wanting the informant files, threatens Mary with exposure of Jimmy's relationship with the OCU, which she in turn must tell Jimmy for his protection. With Michael's new club, he faces territory battles with the Disciples, who use old fashioned measures to slow business into the club.

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