n their domestic dispute, Francine continues to use Stella as her ace in the hole to lure Jimmy into getting back together with her. Jimmy however will do anything to get sole custody of Stella. Everyone finds out that Mike was the one who ordered the hit on Bill. Due to lack of cash, Mike stiffs Raoul and Rosie, his hit people, so he accepts a dope run with the bikers to raise money. Ted gets Mary's OK to place surveillance on Mike. The run goes sour, but Mike manages to avert getting caught by both the police and Ted's men. Jimmy needs to smooth things over with Raoul, Rosie and Harvey regarding Bill's hit. Ronnie advises Jimmy to ship Mike off somewhere as he is causing problems. Mary, in order to subvert Deakins' power grab and satisfy her superiors, gets advice from Don Frazer to infiltrate Jimmy's operation with an undercover agent. From her street connections, Mary recruits Christina - "Tina" - a stripper, who manages to infiltrate Jimmy's operation by getting a stripping job at the club under the stage name Sapphire. Back at the OCU office, the wire room finds out about an arms shipment to Africa that is tied to local broker, Randy Bingham. Jimmy advises Mary to scare Bingham into thinking the police know about his operation. Jimmy assists Mary in doing so. The wire room discovers that Jimmy and Mary's ploy worked just as Jimmy predicted.

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