n the DEA sting in Seattle, Jimmy knows he has no chance to escape so decides to give himself up. Against Altman's wishes (he who is also in Seattle with the DEA), the DEA however has other intentions, namely to take Jimmy out for good and decide to shoot him under the pretense of Jimmy being armed and dangerous. In the process, the DEA shoots Morgan, shoots and kills one of their own in a friendly fire situation, shoots and kills an innocent bystander and allows Jimmy to escape into the night. Because of the situation, Altman heads back to Canada and warns Williams not to expose him. So Jimmy is on the run in Seattle. Meanwhile, the DEA pick up and detain Francine and Stella in their hotel room in Seattle. The killings hit the local news with the implication being that Jimmy was the perpetrator and is on the loose in Seattle. With Royden's death, Mary needs to remain objective and enlists Detective Ogawa with Homicide to lead the investigation. With both situations, all the players are spinning the "facts" for their own benefit. The DEA, although realize the truth will eventually come out, decide to implicate Jimmy anyway in the FBI investigation in the hope that their ultimate goal of Jimmy being dead will be achieved by that time. Jimmy's men back in Vancouver use the club as the central planning point to rescue Jimmy. Michael hatches a plan, and although she previously intends to bail on the entire family, Sweet offers to be the primary pick up person in the US. Coombs works on getting Francine and Stella released. Like a vulture, Dante circles smelling Jimmy's downfall. Eventually, as Jimmy approaches the border, Michael takes one for this brother and acts as a diversion to the border patrol which allows Jimmy to jump the border fence. Back with the Royden situation, Mary shields Katarina from Ogawa's investigation, Katarina who saw a room service waiter in the hallway before the murder. Ogawa learns that "Richard Royden" was an assumed name and thus they have no idea who he really was. Mallaby chastises Mary for keeping him out of the loop in the undercover investigation, implying her career with CSIS is over even before it's begun. However Daniel Boudreau, the CSIS Inspector General, has other ideas. He praises Mary for her work with Royden, and implies she is first in line for the head of the CSIS Asia-Pacific job as well a wanted sexual diversion for him on his trips to Vancouver. Mary does not dissuade his sexual advances.

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