eputy Chief Brenda Johnson's investigation into the murder of a teenage prostitute brings her into contact with a number of LA's VIPs. She's most interested however in the dead girl's boyfriend, Nikolai Koslov, who happens to be the son of a local Russian mobster and heroin dealer. Koslov had set up the dead girl in a beautiful house but Brenda isn't convinced all is normal. She hits a real roadblock however when Koslov's alibi for the night the girl was murdered was that he was being questioned by the FBI. Fritz confirms that he was there and it's clear that the younger Koslov is informing on his father's operation and the FBI has no intention of endangering their investigation in favor of solving a prostitute's murder. Brenda is appalled by the attitude of the men around her and when she discovers another prostitute's murder from some months before with all the earmarks of the most recent case, she fears she may have a budding serial killer on her hands.

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