eputy Chief Brenda Johnson investigates the death of one-time model Heather Kingsley who is found dead in her shower at home. Her team is pretty well prepared to write it off as an accident but Brenda isn't so sure. She finds it just a tad too convenient that she died on the only day of the week when none of the servants were home. She also notices a shaving nick on the dead woman's leg but there's no razor to be found. Her husband, actor Dean Kingsley, was supposedly alone on his sailboat when this all happened. Brenda soon learns that Dean Kingsley is a serial womanizer who always promised his girlfriends marriage only to eventually break it off saying he couldn't afford the costs incurred by the pre-nuptial agreement. Brenda pushes forward but Assistant Chief Pope knows too well the dangers of celebrity murder investigations and wants her to go slow. She finds herself working alone when no one at the office supports her.

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