ith a major mob boss on trial, Brenda and her team have to investigate the death of one of the jurors. No one wants to do anything that may prejudice the case but the mobster has interfered with jurors in the past so Brenda isn't prepared to just accept the death as being from natural causes. Assistant Chief Pope and Commander Taylor are worried about a mistrial and want Brenda to go slowly and smoothly, which isn't exactly her style. Interviewing the other jury members is also forbidden. The autopsy reveals that she died of an overdose of heart medication leading Brenda to focus on her husband, a doctor. Meanwhile, Fritz is at Brenda's house unpacking his boxes when Brenda learns that her mother, Willie Ray, is arriving in Los Angeles in a few hours. Panicked, she asks Fritz to re-pack everything and delay his moving until mom leaves. Willie Ray makes quite an impression on the squad.

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