t's turning out to be a not so very Merry Christmas for Brenda who is still trying to sell her house and is putting up Christmas decorations as recommended by their real estate agent. In the midst of this, Chief Pope transfers an armored car robbery investigation from a less than pleased Commander Taylor to Brenda and her team. The latest is the most recent in a string of robberies and Brenda believes it has to be an inside job. The only survivor of the most recent robbery is Wesley Reed who was shot but promptly disappears from the hospital. When he's traced back to his home in Atlanta, Brenda and Fritz go to pick him up and stay with Brenda's parent who are happy to see her, but make a point of telling her that she has come on business and not necessarily to see them. When they are unable to fly Wesley back to LA, they set off in the RV her parents were to use to go to Florida. Brenda's parents are there as well as the prisoner and Lieutenants Flynn and Provenza.

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