renda and the team investigate the shooting death of high school principal John Reed who is found at the wheel of his car. He was on his way home and talking to his wife on the phone when he told her he had to take care of something at which point she heard the gunshots. A similar shooting involving the same make and color of car had occurred just a few blocks away two weeks before. That shooting involved a TSA agent meaning Fritz and the FBI also have an interest. Reed had recently begun a new assignment and specialized in cleaning up problem schools. His wife says he had received threats. He had decided to transfer the school's football coach, Rich Carr, and the police find underage students living in his house. They also find the murder weapon, which had been used in a robbery 5 years ago. Coach Carr isn't the one responsible however. Meanwhile, Capt. Raydor continues to shadow Priority Homicide looking for who is leaking information to the lawyer suing the LAPD.

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