heavily damaged Cardassian ship approaches the station and is tossed in. On board is a certain professor Natima Lang and two of her students. She wants to leave as soon as possible and to avoid problems with the Bajorans, Sisko advises her to stick around the Promenade. When Lang enters Quark's bar, he seems very happy to see her. The feeling is not mutual however, she hits him in the face. The two once had a relationship and Quark tries everything to get back into her favor. When the three Cardassians see Garak they freak out and want to leave as soon as possible. In the meantime the crew of Deep Space Nine find out Natima's shuttle wasn't in a meteor storm as she told them, but hit by Cardassian disruptors. Natima tells they're part of a movement that wants to remove the military from the government. They're now fugitives and on the run.

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