uark calls in the help of Odo to remove an old drunk Klingon keeping a holosuite occupied. His name is Kor and he is visited by Koloth, another old Klingon, who leaves him again when he finds out Kor is drunk. When Dax hears about it, she immediately recognizes their names. They were friends of Curzon Dax and when the two are joined by yet another Klingon, Kang, Jadzia knows why they're on the station. In the past Curzon made a blood oath with the three to kill the Albino, a bandit who was defeated by them. He swore revenge and killed their three first born sons, including Dax' godson. For a lifetime they tried to find him and Kang now finally located him. Koloth and Kang however are disappointed to discover Curzon is dead. They don't want to take Jadzia along, while she feels she must fulfill the oath. She tries to convince Koloth and Kang to change their decision.

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