he election day for the new Kai is approaching and both Vedek Bareil and Vedek Winn are on the station. Bareil is especially interested in Kira's vote, Winn has a completely different agenda. She is awaiting the arrival of secretary Kubus Oak. He was special liaison between Cardassians and the Bajoran government. After the occupation the collaborator fled to Cardassia. Kira and Odo are determined to make sure he gets the proper sentence. Then suddenly Winn wants to leave the station with Oak. She accessed information about Prylar Bek, another Bajoran collaborator, who hanged himself after he gave away the location of a rebel base in the Kendra Valley. Winn tells her Kubus gave away the name of the person really responsible for the massacre: Vedek Bareil. Kira tries to find the truth.

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