isko wants to spend more quality time with Jake and encourages him to think of a science project. They decide to make a field trip to a planet in the Gamma Quadrant that's in a early stage of evolution. Then Jake wants to bring Nog along. He needs a good grade to stay in school. When Quark hears Nog is coming, he wants too. He's convinced he can turn back Sisko's decision to not let use him the station's monitors for advertising. After doing some initial research on the planet, they have a meal. With Jake and Nog away, an alien woman suddenly approaches the campfire. She shoots down Sisko with a telepathic weapon and claims she is on the run for the Jem'Hadar, soldiers of the Dominion. She advises Sisko and Quark to run, but it's too late. The three are taking captive by them.

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