ira and Odo are returning to Deep Space Nine in a runabout. They just visited Prophet's Landing, a colony close to the Cardassian border, to review security procedures. When they receive a distress call from a Lissepian supply ship that was attacked by a Maquis one-man vessel, they start to follow the Maquis. The ship lands on a moon and Kira and Odo follow him into a very unstable cave. Kira's foot gets stuck in a strange crystal. While the crystal slowly encapsulates the major, Odo tries everything to free her. Meanwhile Nog makes a special request to Sisko. He has become an adult and is ordered by Ferengi by-laws to purchase an apprenticeship from a suitable role model. Nog wants to be the first Ferengi in Starfleet and asks Sisko to write a recommendation for the Academy.

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