uddenly Garak's shop explodes. Luckily the tailor isn't hurt badly. O'Brien finds the explosion was caused by a ruptured power conduit and Odo immediately expects foul play. His assumption is confirmed when O'Brien finds traces of nitrilin, which Odo thinks might have been part of a micro-explosive device. Odo asks Garak if he can think of possible suspects, but the Cardassian seems rather uninterested. He frustrates Odo's investigation, makes fun of it and once again spins his web of lies. Then O'Brien brings evidence of a pheromonic sensor in the bomb, used to go off on certain species only. Since this technique is favored by Flaxian assassins and a Flaxian arrived on the station earlier, Odo decides to interrogate him. But his investigation won't stop at the Flaxian...

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