uark and Rom are in panic when suddenly the Ferengi liquidator Brunt posts a writ of accountability on the bar's walls. He is from the Ferengi Commerce Authority. Only after a couple of bribes Quark finds out what they're charged with. They are held accountable for the criminal activities of their mother Ishka. Apparently she has been earning profits, strictly forbidden for a woman. Quark is required by law to convince her to sign a confession and reveal her accomplices. Failure will result in her being placed in servitude and Quark will have to make restitution for her crimes, a prospect he doesn't fancy. He and Rom travel to the Ferengi home world. Meanwhile Jake tells his father freighter captain Kasidy Yates is back on the station. He really wants them both to meet and wants to arrange dinner. Sisko wants to take it more easy and do things his own way.

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