eep Space Nine awaits the secret arrival of 12 industrial replicators for the Cardassian government. Sisko fears the Maquis might do something about it and increases security. Eddington and Odo have an unpleasant message for him however. They suspect Kasidy Yates is involved in smuggling for the Maquis. Sisko is angry about the accusation at first. He refuses to let Odo survey her, but finally agrees to a cargo check. Then Kasidy asks him to skip the inspection. Sisko agrees, but sends the Defiant after her. Meanwhile Garak can't keep his eyes of Ziyal and she returns his looks with a smile every time. Garak is still wary though. She is after all the daughter of his archenemy Dukat and under the protection of Kira, who isn't too fond of the tailor either. Then Ziyal offers him a meeting in a Cardassian holosuite program.

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