or, the Klingon Dahar master and friend of Dax is once again on the station. He hasn't lost his appetite for alcohol and is still capable of telling great tales. Dax introduces him to Worf and Kor tells of a quest he is planning. He has found a clue to the possible location of the Sword of Kahless, the founder of the Klingon Empire. It's been lost for a thousand of years and it is said that when it is found it will once again reunite the Klingon empire. Worf and Kor seem to like each other because they are both opposed to Gowran. Together with Dax they plan to find the relic to turn it over to the Emperor. The two Klingons make it a late celebration. Kor returns to his quarters in a very drunken state, where he is attacked telepathically by a Lethean.

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