ith Harry newly accepted into the Wild Palms Group, Grace is visited by Hiro, a childhood friend from her years spent in Japan who is an enemy of Kreutzer. Meanwhile, Tommy escapes from prison and is reunited with Tully and the members of the Friends resistance. Eli soon joins them after making his own escape and reestablishes control over the group. Elsewhere, Coty not only becomes a child TV star but also, due to his ruthlessness, a high-ranking member of the Church of Synthiotics. Also, Chickie turns the tables on his captor, Chap, but ends up being tortured to the brink of death. Harry finally learns from Paige about her alliance with Kreutzer and that Coty is her biological son and Josie is actually Kreutzer's younger sister and chief enforcer and executioner. Kreutzer continues to try to get hold of the "Go chip" which supposedly will enable him to become a living hologram with unlimited power. Disgusted by his methods, his future wife Paige gives information to the Friends. Harry's therapist, Dr. Tobias Schenkl, is revealed to be on the payroll of Kreutzer. It is also revealed that Josie's only weakness is her former marriage to Eli Levitt, whom she is still in love. Aided by information from Paige, Eli and Tommy lead an armed raid on the motel room to rescue Chickie. Harry agrees to be a double-agent for both the Friends and the Fathers groups.

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