oey is envious when Ross' boy Ben gets an audition for a commercial, but is delighted to hear there also is a part for the father, so he teams up with his godchild; both pass the first round. Everybody hopes on free stuff now Rachel starts her job with Ralph Lauren. Phoebe suggests to throw an intimate dinner as surprise birthday party for Rachel, a month in advance, but Monica quickly takes over in grand style- Phoebe insists to be in charge of something, so she gets cups and ice. Rachel quickly finds her boss Kim and collaborators tend to take all decisions on the balcony during smoking breaks, so after trying just to join them, which doesn't get her close enough, she adopts the terrible habit her dad, an MD, always warned against with true horror stories. After Ben and Joe are selected for the final cut, they hear the lack of physical resemblance means it will either be Joey and Ben's rival Raymond or Ben and Raymond's dad Kyle. Monica's nose and Chandler's experienced eye immediately notice Rachel has started smoking; she convinces the office girls to attempt quiting together as 'patch sisters', but the others quickly relapse and insist she keeps clean- she's out again. Joey's fake offer to wave his audition so Ross would retract Ben fails. Even the line "Mm, soup" is too hard for Joey not to mess up to - noodle soup. Phoebe uses cups and ice in huge quantities and endless, wacky variations to take over much of Monica's party; Ross consoles Joey by suggesting he wanted to fail so Ben could be casted- but the kid didn't either. Chandler gets a taste of the Ralph Lauren smokers balcony.

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