onica wants a baby so desperately that she keeps talking about sex to Chandler, even when Ross is there. Since Chandler is unemployed, she helps him find ideas, and organizes a meeting between Chandler and someone who works in advertising. Chandler is excited about advertising, and keeps making up "slogans" about random objects, but he is also worried that he won't be earning any money for some time, and wonders whether it is the right moment to have a baby. Ross and Rachel take Emma to Ralph Lauren's to introduce her to everyone, but Rachel discovers that a guy called Gavin is replacing her during her maternity leave. She is convinced that Gavin is trying to steal her job, so she decides to come back to work two weeks early. Since Phoebe is short on cash, Joey gets her a job as an extra on "Days of our Lives", but she has difficulties understanding that she is only an extra, not a major character.

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