n the twelfth century, the Italian friar Thelonious used the circle of Kayless ritual to capture the demon Moloch the Corruptor into a book, hoping it would never be read. However it arrives in Sunnydale High Library; before Giles could examine it properly it's scanned into the school computer by Willow, and possesses it. Virtual evil is now able to spread trough the school network, starting with schoolboy Malcolm, Willow's brand new chat pall, for whom she even gives Xander's Bronze invitation a miss. Soon Buffy notices other normally nice students, like Dave and Fritz in her computer class, behave strangely, and start up the abandoned computer services firm CRD again. By the time Giles realizes about Moloch, the demon is very deep, powerful enough to make his minions kill Dave and abduct Willow, his unknowing deliverer to whom he declares his love. Computer-illiterate erudite Giles turns for help to his cultural rival, computer science teacher Jenny Calendar, who reveals herself as a techno-heathen...

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