t's Thanksgiving, and Buffy pushes Giles to host the gang 'as a real American'. Ankya finds her lover Xander particularly sexy in his new construction laborer's job, digging a deep hole during the ceremony for the newly built Cultural Center at UC Sunnydale, but he falls badly into an Indian grave inside the ancient mission, and thus releases the revengeful spirit of the Chumash warrior Hus, who can transform himself into green smoke or various animals, and starts by killing the curator with an 19 century ceremonial Chumash stone knife. The fact that Xander gets the very diseases (sick he seems as erotic to Ankya as sweating bare-chested) the Chumash contracted while virtually enslaved in the colonial era, and the choice of Hus's victims make Willow, who feels very guilty for the plight of the natives, and Giles, who insists Hus's victims are innocent, realize he must be after historical vengeance. Meanwhile Riley Finn's military Initiative commandos team continues implants rendering vampires unable to bite victims, notably Sîke, who is now chased from the hell-mouth by petty Harmony, and seeks refuge at Giles's, where he is however tied up. Angel is also around again, but insists to Giles and Willow -who disagrees- not to tell Buffy. Hus returns to the grave site to awake more Indian spirits, which jointly mount an attack on Giles's home during the dinner, wielding traditional weapons...

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