illow and Tara are together and spend most of the episode in bed, Tara blurts out that Buffy and Spike are involved. Buffy finds out where the trio's lair is located but gets there after they have cleared out. She discovers that they left her a trap. The trio have found something that gives them the power of invincibility. Dawn is angry and upset over Spike having sex with Anya. She stops by Spike's place to talk to him and tell him that if he wanted to hurt Buffy--he succeeded. Buffy tries to talk to Xander but it doesn't go well as he's still mad at her. After getting hurt on patrol, Buffy comes home to take a bath. After his conversation with Dawn, Spike is convinced that Buffy loves him so he drops by.. He attempts to explain what happened, and apologize for his actions. Spike hopes they can get back together, thinking that she loves him. Buffy isn't interested, and he ends up trying to rape her. She finally kicks him out of the house. After Xander runs into Warren at a bar, he goes to tell Buffy about discovering Warren's power boost/. At the house he finds her on the bathroom floor and figures out what happened between Buffy and Spike. She tells him to just leave it alone and they quarrel. Willow and Tara show up with information about the trio's plans to rob a bank that evening. Buffy stops them but Warren gets away. Andrew and Jonathan are arrested. The next day, Xander comes over and makes up with Buffy. Warren shows up with a gun at Buffy's house. He fires two shots: one hits Buffy and the other kills Tara. Willow, in grief, returns to the dark magic.

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