t's time for baby Wyatt to get a wiccaning, the ceremony to make him join the side of good. The Charmed sisters hope to be prepared by eliminating several types of 'risk demons', then summon granny Penny who will summon the ancestral line and perform the rite, but she points out they overlooked one: the Necromancer, a 'demonic Dracula' turned into a ghost years ago, who has a lower demon as assistant to capture weak spirits whose essence he consumes to exist, but has the ambition to return to life at the expense of a powerful magic being, ideally Wyatt. The sisters go vanquish the Necromancer, but soon realize he's Penny's former forbidden lover, Armand, alas only after he manages to capture granny, tries to rekindle their romance and puts a spell on her... Meanwhile Paige uses a truth spell to find out if her understanding lover Nate is the right mate, only to find he has a wife and kids; Jason asks Phoebe to move with him to Hong Kong.

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