awson's suspicions about Mike Potter become confirmed when he sees him selling drugs again and is torn weather or not to tell Joey or leave things as they are. But Pacey's grumpy and misanthropic father, Sheriff Witter, is already suspicious and has the Ice House staked out hoping to catch Mike Potter in the act in which the restaurant is set afire by Mr. Potter's competitors. Meanwhile, Gail tells Mitch that she has decided to take the job offer in Philadelphia and wants to leave as soon as possible with Dawson. Pacey becomes more depressed as his school grades start decreasing now that Andie is gone from his life and his domineering father verbally bullies him. Also, Jen becomes more and more depressed over Abby's death in which Jack wonders if she is suicidal. Eventually, Grams asks Jen to come back to live with her and Jack is welcome to live with them too.

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