awson goes back to Capeside to celebrate Christmas and brings Natasha and Todd with him where Dawson can't get past the fact that he saw Natasha and Max together, and Todd's drunkenness bothers Gail. Joey also arrives back in Capeside with Audrey, where Eddie later arrives with a Christmas tree to celebrate. There Eddie meets and has an argument with Joey's father, Mike Potter, who worries that Eddie might not be good for Joey since he's now unemployed and doesn't go to college. Pacey also comes back to spend time with his brother Doug who does not like the expensive gifts and constant, lavish spending Pacey is doing after making a lot of money at his stock trading job. The gang, as well as Jen and Grams, gather to have Christmas dinner at the Leery household which goes disastrously wrong where a drunken Todd makes an embarrassing thanks, but not as embarrassing as Audrey's, whose drinking problem has gone so out of control that she lashes out on everyone, and wrecks Pacey's new car.

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