awson's former girlfriend, Natasha, (whom Dawson met and dumped during his summer in L.A.) returns as the new lead actress for the movie and now he has to deal with the consequences of dumping her over the phone. The production orders some food from Hell's Kitchen and Joey delivers it on the set, forcing her to see Dawson. Natasha gets angry and jealous when she sees Joey and has Todd fire Dawson by saying she will not work unless Dawson goes. But Natasha soon realizes Joey has hurt Dawson much more than he hurt her. When Eddie confronts Joey about her uncertainty, she decides to "follow an impulse" and kisses him. Meanwhile, Pacey ditches Audrey and goes to a strip club party with his bosses. Audrey runs into him and goes to a party with Jen and Jack, where she gets drunk and almost sleeps with a guy, if it weren't for C.J.'s stopping her. Also, Jack is disappointed when Professor Freeman tells him his wife is pregnant, and later makes a move on Jack.

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