n L.A., Carrie feels naked after a reputed wax beautician shaved her intimately even worse then the 'Brazilian' by the famous but unintelligible Alicia, which Sam finds refreshing. Miranda meets with her former nerdy friend, script writer Lew, who seems to be happy after turning Californian, including health food she despises. At a premiere, Sam and Carrie are refused onto the red carpet, but Carrie gets picked up by Matt Damon's hunky agent Keith Travers, who impresses her with a fancy villa sold by Lorenzo Lamas. Samantha finds consolation in the sale of good fakes of luxury bags in the Valley, yet Carrie decides against it at the last moment. Charlotte is tired of Trey's sexual non-performance and joins the girls in L.A. Carrie in Miranda are really disappointed by what they find out about Keith and Lew, but Samantha gets them into her ultimate idol Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion, where Charlotte picks up Ian, but Sam's fake Fendi gets fatally confused with a Bunny girl's real one...

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