umped Kelso's only relieve is to hear Jackie is miserable too, but Fez is determined to seize the opportunity to ask her out; she accepts dining at an expensive French restaurant without even asking first who with, then stuffs herself full with both plates and keeps nagging about Michael, but even after that shameless abuse the puppy is happy to be openly kept on a string, Kelso to hear his 'rival' gets nowhere. Eric believes to overhear Laurie telling Hyde an embarrassing secret about him which nobody will specify, so he carelessly 'admits as insignificant' to the basement mates that he was known in summer-camp as Doctor Pipi -a confidence she actually kept- and starts a ratting duel with Laurie, who also takes a more practical revenge... Red asks Kitty out to the French restaurant, but tells her to wear his late mother's necklace, which she pawned when the family was out of groceries budget...

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