ric wasn't looking forward to a visit from his Florida cousin penny, a terrible tell-tail when they were little, who used to be the butt of his pranks, sometimes cruelly. However one look at her 'well-developed' body converts the basement-boys to horny fans, and she immediately states to have a crush on 'cute' Eric, whom the others now encourage as a lucky dog, while their girls jealously bag on her attempt to 'outwhore' them on their turf, but turn lobster-red with self-inflicted sunburn. A stray cat inspires Red to use the garden hose, Kitty to wine she needs a pet to be satisfied as 'nurterer'; Red gets her a goldfish, but when that dies grants her any wish but a cat... Penny seduces Eric mercilessly, even in his room, waves his incest-restraint as she was adopted and gets him to meet for a movie in the basement in their underwear, making sure her revenge gets an audience...

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