o the gang's surprise, Steve's sister Angie has dated Kelso. Even her promise not to do it again is broken after just one try from the irresistible flirter, or rather got her in bed even without having drinks. Kitty suggests to Jackie to console Steve with lovingly baked cookies from his girl-friend, about as realistic as teaching a rhino ballet. Michael triumphs to have nailed every basement boy's sister, not counting Fez's still in their native jungle, an embarrassing sting even when repeated by Eric again and again. Despite one of Red's rare compliments for his shop, Hyde's lack of scruples extends even to record advice for Kitty. Donna doubts her radio rating when she realizes Fez has been calling with fake voices, then refuses to make publicity for Red's shop, instead raging on air against its calendar with scantily dressed girls, but the responses are revealing.

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