t's Grace's father's birthday and since her sisters are not able to attend the birthday party, Grace is scared of being alone with her parents. She convinces Karen to accompany her and when they arrive at the parents' house, it turns out that Grace's mother is about to leave too. This means that Karen, Grace and Marty Adler are all alone. After recovering from a first shock, Grace sees this as a chance to improve her relationship with her father. In the meantime, Jack convinces Will to go on a blind date. The date turns out to be blind man who tells Will that he thinks, after touching his face, he is not good looking. But the whole thing turns out to be a prank for Jack's TV-show "Pink'd", a "Punk'd"-like show for Out TV. But, Will doesn't want to sign a paper, which would allow Jack to air the episode in which he is fooled.

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