eter and Lois upset Meg when they forget that her 17th birthday is a few days away. They hastily plan a birthday party that Meg complains she won't want to be seen at. Peter gets drunk and makes a fool out of himself. Eventually, he dresses up as a hobo clown and attempts to drive a unicycle down a set of stairs, but he is unable to control the unicycle and falls over the banister, landing on top of his father Francis, one of the party guests. Francis is critically injured with multiple injuries; with the family surrounding him, he briefly awakens to tell Peter "You're a fat, stinking drunk!" Francis dies immediately thereafter. Peter is depressed over his father's death and attempts to turn to crack. Eventually, Brian refers Peter to a hypnotherapist, who gets Peter to reveal that Francis is not his biological father. Peter visits Thelma, who admits that he was conceived while she had an affair with an Irishman 40 years earlier and that he (the father) has remained in Ireland. Brian and Peter travel to Ireland in an attempt to find Peter's real father, and do when they encounter a man named Mickey McFinnigan, the town drunk. Mickey refuses at first to believe they are biologically father and son, but Peter challenges Mickey to engage in a beer drinking contest to persuade him otherwise. Peter wins the duel, and Mickey realizes that he must be his son "because only a member of my family could beat me at drinking." The two celebrate their newfound relationship. In the subplot, Lois disciplines Stewie when he persists in his highly possessive misbehavior. But rather than get the hint, Stewie discovers that he is sadomasochist and - after realizing that Lois is being apologetic for her actions - deliberately misbehaves so that his mother can hit him again and again. He eventually decides that his demands are too creepy and stops.

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