he Griffins visit a 50s-style diner, where the wait staff dress as celebrities from that decade. Peter hears his favorite song, "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen, on the jukebox and begins dancing and acting stupid. When one of the employees removes the record from the jukebox - the song came out in late 1963, nearly four years after the end of the 1950s decade - Peter buys the record, takes it home and plays it endlessly. He winds up driving everyone crazy with his obsessive fixation on the song; Chris is driven to the brink, while Lois is appalled when she gets a call from the bank stating that Peter had withdrawn most of their savings account (to produce an insipid public service announcement built around "Surfin' Bird"). Eventually, Brian and Stewie decide they need to take action and, in the middle of the night, team up to steal the record. The next morning, Peter realizes the record is missing and sets out to buy another copy, only to find that "a dog and a baby" have already scoured Quahog's used record stores and bought every last copy of "Surfin' Bird" (to destroy them). Initially, Peter is upset at his inability to buy a new copy, but then settles down and realizes the clerk at one of the stores looks familiar ... namely, like Jesus Christ. The clerk initially denies this claim, but then admits he is the Messiah. Jesus tells Peter he comes to Earth every century or so to unwind but that he must remain incognito. That doesn't discourage Peter, who invites him over to dinner. The Griffins immediately recognize who their visitor is, and Jesus decides he needs to make his identity public. When Jesus walks on the water surface of a fountain to retrieve a dollar bill Peter had lost, everyone is amazed, and Jesus becomes a celebrity at once. Eventually, Jesus becomes obsessed with his fame and neglects his relationship with Peter. But when Jesus gets arrested, it is Peter who bails him out. Jesus muses that he wasn't ready to return to Earth and decides to leave, but Peter reassures him that someday he will be ready. Just before Jesus departs the Earth, he gives Peter a present: a new copy of "Surfin' Bird."

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