eter is bored at work one day and decides to use the "executive bathroom." When he learns the lavish washroom is reserved only for company executives, Peter decides to do well at work so he can get an executive's job when it opens up. In the process, he accidentally blows up a children's hospital, killing everyone inside. Still, Angela is impressed enough to recommend him for an opening ... until the human resources department points out that Peter never completed the third grade. Peter decides to go back to elementary school, where he continually acts like a buffoon and insults the teacher and his classmates. Later, despite his poor academic skills, he is picked to participate in the school spelling bee. After doing badly, he spells "lesbians" correctly (after the class brain falters) and is allowed to pass. Alas, when he returns to the brewery, there is no job waiting for Peter ... only an arrest warrant for blowing up the children's hospital. Peter is sent to prison ... but only until 9 p.m. the next Sunday (the regularly scheduled time for "Family Guy"). Meanwhile, Frank Sinatra Jr. returns to town for an engagement with Brian at the Quahog Cabana Club, but it is clear that nobody is into big band and swing music anymore. Frank and Brian buy the club and, on Stewie's recommendation, renovate it into a trendy nightclub called pLace. The club does very well, and the more conservative Frank and Brian even become accustomed to the nightlife ... that is, until Andy Dick arrives and runs everyone off!

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