uagmire's father, Dan, comes to Quahog for a visit. Peter and Joe meet him, hoping to learn what makes Dan's son tick, but they soon suspect that he might be a homosexual and share their suspicions with Quagmire. At a Naval ball held in Dan's honor (where naval officers lace their praise with double-entendre statements), Quagmire finally confronts his father and learns that he is "a woman trapped in a man's body" and is planning to have a sex-reassignment operation. Quagmire is deeply upset by this, and - despite the surgery being a success, Dan emerging as an attractive blonde woman named Ida, and his friends' support - Quagmire can't accept his father's new identity. Ida decides she and Quagmire need time apart and leaves for a hotel. Meanwhile, Brian has been out of town attending a seminar on creating a Web series and is unaware of what has transpired. On his way home, Brian stops at a hotel bar, where this subplot begins to merge with the main plot. Brian meets Ida, the two quickly develop a relationship, and after both get drunk, they retire to Ida's room to have sex. The next morning, Brian returns home and tells Peter and Lois he has met a woman named Ida, showing pictures of her that he took with his cellular telephone. Peter and Lois break out in hysterical laughter, unable to reveal the truth about Ida; Brian chalks up this reaction to jealousy. Later, while talking about Ida, Stewie reveals that Ida used to be a man; Brian becomes violently ill and traumatized at this realization and begins to shower compulsively, to cleanse himself of this experience. Meanwhile, Ida returns home hoping for one last chance to explain things to Quagmire. This time, Quagmire - who has also sorted out his emotions - is more accepting, and the two reconcile. Ida then reveals that she has met someone. When Quagmire hears that it is Brian, he becomes outraged, barges into the Griffin home, immediately finds Brian trying to hide under the bed and beats into a bloody pulp. Brian gets in a profanity-laced parting shot, admitting to Quagmire he had sex with his "dad."

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