eter, Joe and Quagmire are depressed over their previous foursome still being a threesome, months after Cleveland's departure. The group decides to begin "auditioning" for a replacement to round out their group, and eventually settle on a smooth-jiving black man named Jerome. Peter hits it off with Jerome, until learning that Lois dated Jerome 20 years earlier. To Peter, it could just have well have been yesterday, and he soon develops an angry, jealous fit over the thought that a black man - let alone anyone - once had a relationship with Lois, and he demands an end to the friendship, Lois of course refusing. One night, a drunken Peter, fuming over Jerome, throws a beer bottle through the window of his house, knocking over a lamp and sparking a fire that destroys his house. The next morning, Peter learns that Lois invited Jerome to stay with the family until he can find a new place to live. Peter is unable to contain his jealousy, and after a series of pratfalls - including Jerome using "alternate methods" to save Lois from choking when the Heimlich doesn't work; and later, Peter wearing a KKK outfit and carrying a flaming torch - he eventually kicks Jerome out. That night, Lois tells Peter that she is disgusted with him, and shows him a present that Jerome bought him in gratitude for their friendship and giving him a temporary place to live. Peter realizes that he nearly ruined a promising friendship and goes to the Drunken Clam to apologize; Jerome accepts the apology. In the subplot, Brian seeks to find out why Quagmire acts so coolly distant with him. After several attempts to start a friendship with Quagmire fail, Quagmire speaks his mind about Brian, telling him - in essence - that he thinks he is a phony, pretentious, hypocritical, judgmental and vain individual. Brian is deeply hurt by all this, but Stewie (of all people) soothes Brian over, basically telling him that he doesn't need Quagmire.

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