auline is angry when she discovers that her clients have been stealing her precious pens,with most of the anger,as usual,being directed towards Ross. Benjamin has an unpleasant breakfast-time experience when Harvey lectures him on the merits of drinking one's own water. Chinnery tries to treat a tortoise which refuses to eat but his use of compressed air as a cure has the inevitable disastrous result whilst magistrate Maurice is not impressed by Hilary Briss's latest tempting offer. A workman for the new road goes into the local shop and shows Tubbs an atlas. For the first time she appreciates that there are 'lines' leading to places other than Royston Vasey and screams in terror,bursting the man's eardrums. As excavation for the road begins,Edward plants something to halt it, a strange creature which will be unearthed as 'the Beast of Royston Vasey'.

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