dward and Tubbs' son David,who has been away at college,comes into the shop and stuns them by revealing that his construction company is behind the new road-building., He is anxious to take his mother to London but when she goes to meet him she finds he looks like Edward and has' decided' to stay in the village. Chinnery goes to Tinsel's farm to help a cow to calf and puts his hand up the animal's backside. Unfortunately,with his customary incompetence, he kills it so that when Barbara arrives at hospital for her operation and finds that Chinnery is the surgeon she is not too pleased. After Pauline has taught her Shop a Scrounger class Ross reveals that he is an undercover investigator from head office and she will be sacked for her incompetence and favoritism. Having paid Harvey for the loss of his toads,plus the other items for which Val has billed him,Benjamin leaves their house and prepares to return home. He calls into the shop for food for the journey and notices that Tubbs is wearing his friend Martin's boots. Will she and Edward do away with him too?

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