ow unemployed Pauline has to face the scorn of her successor Cathy Carter- Smith. Meanwhile Papa Lazarus brings his Pandemonium Circus to Royston Vasey. He has a disconcerting habit of hypnotising women and carrying them off,telling them "You're my wife now." A more willing volunteer to join Papa's freak show is Barbara,who ends up fighting with the bearded lady. Unfortunately during Papa's act the entire audience suffers from a nose bleed so he decides to leave town. Hilary Briss has refused to give a special order to Mr. Collier,who threatens to call the police but Inspector Cox - who also has a nose bleed - seems to have got there before him and sees him off. Harvey gets a new toad,which appears to be able to grant him wishes but whilst trying it out he is interrupted by a dishevelled Benjamin,who has escaped from Edward and Tubbs.

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