oung lovers Woody Sage and Avery Hubert, both married to spouses twice their age, run away together and vanish mysteriously before reaching their destination. Kathy Jarrow(Sage), a former police officer, and old flame of Captain Ross, reports her husband's disappearance, and asks Major Case to help locate him. Detectives Goran and Eames first impression is a car-jacking gone bad, but soon figure out that not only was he was not alone, but that the car-jacking might just be a cover to buy time. When Avery's parents, who were expecting her and Woody, report them missing, Goran and Eames investigate the possibility that, even though the two left together under their own steam, they may have met with foul-play. Avery's violent husband, Roy, looks good for the crime, but looks can be deceiving.

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