ate finally gets to meet some of Brenda's family. he's invited to dinner but gets there to find that he is the only guest. He learns a lot about Brenda and gains some insight into her history and background. He also gets to meet her brother Billy who has moved in with her for a while. Dave is pleased when his Minister asks him to become a Deacon at the church, a post his father occupied prior to his death. His refusal to reveal that he is gay leads to a break-up with Keith however. Ruth is worried about Claire and attends a counseling session at school with Claire. She would like the two of them to be closer, as was the case when Claire was younger. She decides to visit a relative to show Claire what a close mother-daughter relationship can be like. At the funeral home, Rico is faced with a unique problem when Jean Louise MacArthur aka porn star Viveca St. John is brought in after being electrocuted in her bath tub. The memorial service is anything but ordinary.

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