ildred Effinger "Hattie" Jones passes away in her sleep, leaving behind her gruff, crusty husband of 56 years who forcibly stays at the Fishers' even before the brothers can see him, and stubbornly insists they can't embalm his wife despite a 2-day wait on the service. Claire falls for Billy before learning of his odd nature, and gets some interesting news about Brenda. Ruth introduces David to Hiram, which naturally doesn't go well, and is pursued by the family florist, Nikolai. David is forced to admit to Tracy Montrose Blair his engagement is actually over without giving anything away in front of Ruth, and must forcibly reject her later. Nate looks through old business records and discovers Nathaniel respected his decision to leave, and took pay for certain funerals in odd ways - like purchasing drugs, or renting an apartment for free.

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