mily Previn chokes on her TV dinner and isn't discovered dead in her apartment until a week later. Her funeral has already been set up, but Rico finds it a time-consuming impossibility to let her have an open-casket one since she's in such bad shape and Nate and David are only able to contact one of her friends (the one who has a funeral-phobia). The questions left of who she is and why she lived alone have an even more profound effect on Ruth, who begins having troubling dreams of living in an empty environment. David hopes to begin a strong relationship with Ben Cooper, but Keith turns up at his door after he awaits judgment for shooting an intoxicated man arguing with his wife...then leaves the next morning, apologizing for his "wrong" action and leaving David depressed. Claire is enraged to hear that Parker McKenna is cheating on her SATs and that she claims she's slept with Gary Deitman. Brenda befriends her prostitute client Melissa and watches her at work after determining to start writing a book, and later proposes an engagement to Nate. With no luck even getting the requested Catholic priest for the Previn funeral, Ruth insists her family and Rico attend, and later finally confronts her children about their relationships.

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