reg 'Stork' Murray (Terry Fradet) is an aspiring songwriter who works for the rock band Trafalgar as a roadie, and, thanks to his girlfriend Kendra Frank (Tamara Feldman), is a recovered drug addict. He has written a song about his ex-wife and daughter, called "Peggy's Gone to Memphis", and to help him jumpstart a new career, he agreed to have singer Kris Kedder (Brad Hunt) take co-credit for the song. But the night before the San Francisco Band Jam rock concert, Stork is furious to find on the latest album that Kedder has taken all of the credit for "Peggy's Gone to Memphis," and confronts him. Rather than have his career be tarnished, Kedder smashes a beer bottle over Stork's head, injects him with a lethal dose of heroin, and stuffs him into a port-a-potty. The next day, Monk and Natalie discover the body while attending the concert to search for Captain Stottlemeyer's runaway son Jared (Monk unintentionally because he misinterpreted the phrase "rock show" to mean "geology exhibit"). Although the police want to write Stork's death off as an accidental overdose, Kendra refuses to accept the official story and ropes Monk and Natalie into investigating the crime.

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