tinger reorganizes everything after the raids: no telephones, no pagers and more importantly, no dope now that their main stash has been seized. Avon and Stringer start to target anyone who could do them harm and are cleaning house. Shardene gets contact lenses and agrees to wear a wire at the club. With the wire dead, the Deputy Chief wants some of the men on Daniels' squad returned to regular duties. Wallace who has returned to the pit but Stringer thinks he may be the snitch they've been worried about. Everyone is getting nervous about the squad looking into campaign contributions including the DA and Senator Clay Davis. The Deputy Chief orders an end to the investigation and the arrest of Avon Barksdale. Freamon and Prez finally figure out why Avon has been buying abandoned commercial properties. D'Angelo is arrested but breaks away from Avon when he hears about Wallace.

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