ired about the bickering between his security and service teams, Ed uses a technique his boss once successfully employed: he makes them switch jobs for a while. While Ed takes Mike along to disprove at any cost the validity of a $271 red light ticket, with a comical twist at the end, Delinda 'takes his place' at a city meeting, which she turns from boring to death into nightclub style. Danny initially hesitates how to handle his former Las Vegas schoolfriend Kevin 'Jinx' Jergeson PR-wise, who used to have incredible bad luck but now keeps winning at roulette, then returns to the boys' security team to discover whether he's somehow cheating brilliantly. While Mary and Sam prove security really is a man's job and fall for sexy temptation worse then they reproached the boys, Nessa takes charge of Mystique, where her 'democratic' British pub night experiment against Gunther's grain soon wins over even the grumpy German chef.

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