appy customer double $ billionaire Fred Puterbaugh returns to the Montecito announcing he wants to show his gratitude by taking Ed -he's busy, so Danny- shopping, but isn't content handing both 'trinkets' over $100,000, he decides to buy the Montecito... Talented magician Arnold Peters was to be thrown out for passing out fliers 'Ed Deline called me the best', inexact and totally out of context, but proves a great eye by catching on sight a crafty dice-cheater none of the staff was on to. With his honest $1,000 premium he shows apparent sports scores prediction talent, but his winnings get stolen in the hotel complex- Danny goes after the thief and his accomplice, while penniless Arnold gets a shot at two jobs in the Montecino... Sam must deal with a high-profile regular who pays for almost nothing himself but his bets, yet demands 'scam prices' for services to be dealt with ruthlessly..

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